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    The physical layout of any town or village is a reflection of it social, political and economic history. This section aims it prioding and insight into the spatial organization of various settlements and to provide  explanations for the special architecture of residential houses, Yeghe has an initial of 7 villages which are now 7 Buas or Clans biger than many villages in Ogoni. These seven clans all together has produced 63 villages in the present day population of Yeghe. Yeghe land mass cuts across the entire Bori Natural territory, an expand of land given by our forefather to their illustrations son and first graduate of Ogoni who is known as Hon. Timothy Naakua Paul Birabi of blessed memory. The contribution of land was done by the Nukpo and Bori people. My father is from the Royal house of Akane- a first son and my mother is from the Royal house of Ledogo Kip the first son of Gbene Agbara Dynasty, who in a bod to support the moves of their inlaw gave the land, for your information the great Nwinya who is the grand-father of Hon. T.N. Paul Birabi had his Royal daughter; Mbeke Kanyie the brother of Birabi Piagbo, Pyabari Ndaagbo moved to the Royal Chief Kpirakon Ledogo Kip and had my mother. Mrs. Helen Tue Nkane the chief of the Royal Chief Emmanuel K. Nkane my father. So I am not writing as a novice but as a custodian of our history, culture and tradition. Bori lands completely belong to Yeghe. And that is the truth. We have boundaries with Kor and Kaani Communities of Ngo-Khana Kingdom, wiiyaakara community is Ken-Khana Kingdom, Betem, Zaakpon, Bu-ue communities Babbe Kingdom, Lewe, Barako, Nwebiara, Deeyor and Deken communities of Gokana kingdom and  Ueken community of Tai kingdom.

At this punctive I want to state that Yeghe Kingdom clans are namely:-
1.   Bua Nukpor
2.   Bua Gaagaa
3.   Bua Nugbe
4.   Bua Deme-ue
5.   Bua Boghor
6.   Bua Kebara
7.   Bua Bori
Each of the above houses over 10 communities permits me to state that each of these clans are bigger than most Ogoni Communities. Yeghe Kingdom is bigger than Port Harcourt and can only be compared to Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor LGA combined. This truth is what the Ogoni people are holding, but we must publish it everywhere for all to know.

The developed clan of Yeghe started by the British and later the Birabi and other will meaning Ogoni people assembly OPA was one of the fastest developing city of Rivers State until the hatred for Yeghe started and the development started till date. They say that Yeghe people should develop their land-Bori while they continue to attempt to drop development to their various villages which is not bad, too but they should remember, we gave Bori for all to reside in as the headquarter of Ogoni Natural Territory, the Royal crown land of Gbene Yaateh, Gbene Agbara, Detenwa and other protege of the Gbene Yaagooroh Dynasty who found and develop Ka-Bori, Looyoo, Mgbubee, Kpoyaateh Dorgbom, Demekue, Wii Bori, Yagiweree, Norka Dubori, Nortem Bara be Nukpor zisen, Banaken Bue Kpabe, we have Nu-lokpo Gbo, Goorah Demebara, Kii yaa Gweue, zoor-Sigbana quatly over looked the controls of the strangers in Bori, including the Igbara Teko of Lubara because they had political appointment as first class elife of Babbe and decoded to many Yeghe daughters from the Royal families of Yeghe, forces his way to the British Royal company called leventis store house in Bori and directed his co-horst to take over other properties of Yeghe people only because the British Government departed in 1943 and the Nigerian Government was only taking place gradually. We are not land grabbers, we are the owners of the land of Bori and the other six clans of Yeghe indisputably, we noticed that this land grabbing is always the actions of the politicians who continually ganged up against Yeghe that produced the first political leader and father of modern Ogoni Hon. T.N Paul Birabi, Yeghe also produced the second graduate of Ogoni Chief Mene L. Gbaragba, who is also a brother of the first all of blessed memory today. The reason is always to keep Yeghe in crisis so that they (Yeghe People) cannot rise again politically, but we are wiser now, we shall defend our territories and also claim our rightful traditional and political space in the 21st century but this time legally, strategically and diplomatically, we shall look down on every provocation to cause crisis and this is our pledge to  Government of Rivers State, and the Federal Government of Nigeria, we plead with all Ogonis to see Yeghe as one that fed them all and they should stop biting the finger that fed them and still feeding them. In all our provocations, we are still accommodating all in Bori and all other clans of Yeghe, since some of the communities in Ogoni were founded by Yeghe people e.g Kaani, Ueken, Sii and Kpean, Bera, Nwiebiara, Barako, Ban Ogoi, Bere and these were possible through the kindred tradition of Ogoni called Gban. Ogoni has major Gnan namely Gban Mueben, Gban Bari, Gban Kaa, Gban Yaa Bari, Gban Yaagwerea etc. this is reason why Yeghe which houses the traditional headquarters of theses Gban do not fight with other Ogoni communities as we see them as our sons and daughters hence the team- Mbirinwi